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Fay Sampson

Fay Sampson - Editor

Fay Sampson has three times been shortlisted for the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize, with Pangur Ban, Chris and the Dragon and A Free Man on Sunday, and won the Barco de Vapor award. Her crime novel The Hunted Hare was the CRT Fiction Book of the Year.

She has taught creative writing and been a Writer in Residence.  She has been editing manuscripts for nearly 20 years. Fay has helped other writers to publication, including Mark Leyland who won an award for an unpublished children’s novel. Hilton Pashley’s Gabriel’s Clock became the first in a YA series. Fay has had many positive feedbacks from clients, like the following:  “It’s exactly what I was hoping for – your feedback is invaluable.”

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She is the author of 55 books. She has written novels for children, and fantasy, crime and historical novels for adults, as well as some Dark Age history. Her novels include the Morgan le Fay fantasy series and the Suzie Fewings genealogical mystery books.

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Editing is something I really enjoy. I have worked both as a writer and as a maths teacher. The latter is more relevant than you might think. I’m used to analysing work to see just where it went wrong. Often an aspiring novelist has a great idea, but somehow it doesn’t quite come off. My skill is in identifying why. I’ve had a publisher send me a script which they knew was good, but didn’t quite work. I was able to spot the problem. The writer is now a well-published author.

One well-known writer used to send me all her new scripts to check.

I have a low boredom threshold. I have ranged across a wide range of genres – children’s and adult, fantasy, historical and crime, as well as non-fiction. I enjoy the variety.

 I’m looking for clients who bring a fresh eye to the world they write about, whether the one we are familiar with or an imagined one, and for great stories that keep me turning the pages.

What Fay works on

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Genres Fay specialises in

Crime / Thriller / Action
Science Fiction
Young Adult

Fay's published books

The Hunted Hare

The Hunted Hare

The Wounded Thorn

The Wounded Thorn

The Wounded Snake

The Wounded Snake

Client successes


“This is incredibly helpful - picking up things that I had doubts about as well as identifying new areas which I just hadn’t clocked at all.”

- Nicholas E.

“Your professional insight has enabled me to take a fresh look at the plot as a whole, and I have to say, your criticisms were valid… I am so pleased that I chose to seek your advice and have found the review process both enlightening and helpful."<br /> <br />

- Sharon H.

"I'm really pleased with your feedback… With your review I will now have the confidence to really polish it without the constant worry that it isn’t worth said polishing. Your specific notes will also be invaluable in directing me where to focus in that regard, and there are definitely some things I might not have picked up on even with a thorough edit…Thanks again for your feedback, it's genuinely near invaluable to me. I assure you the work needed hasn't put me off, it has given me the extra confidence that it's genuinely worth pursuing and I'm not drastically off the rails."

- Thomas M.

"You provided me with a wealth of very useful feedback. I have rewritten the book, incorporating much of your advice, and I wonder if you would be able to review it again."

- Pablo C.

"I found Fay’s feedback extremely useful and taking on board her feedback has allowed me to look at my manuscript with fresh eyes, which I really needed."

- Rebecca S.

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