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Elizabeth Garner

Elizabeth Garner - Editor

Elizabeth is an award-winning author with 20+ years of editorial experience, in both fiction and feature film.  She is a development editor for the award-winning crowdfunding publishers Unbound.

She also teaches Creative Writing at Oxford University and is the arts Trustee at the inter-disciplinary creative and academic charity, The Blackden Trust.

Elizabeth’s debut novel Nightdancing (Headline) won a Society of Authors’ Betty Trask award and was shortlisted for the Pendleton May First novel award.  Her second novel, The Ingenious Edgar Jones, a historical fiction/ fantasy based in Victorian Oxford, was published in both the UK and USA to critical acclaim.  She is currently developing  a collection of rewritten Folk Tales – Lost & Found – in collaboration with the Young Wood Engraver Of The Year, Phoebe Connolly.

A student of Elizabeth’s Advanced Creative Online class at Oxford, Georgia Fancett,  went on to win the Daily Mail First Novel award 2018.

In her role at Unbound, Elizabeth worked with Rose Cartwright on the development and editing of her award-winning memoir PURE, which was adapted into a Channel 4 TV drama.


Find Elizabeth on Twitter here: @Lostandfoundst2


“Thank you for your tremendous work on my novel and the very detailed report. I am now busy digesting it! You have been encouraging but also straight with me, which is what I need.”

- Jenny G.

“Just a quick note to say thanks, as I am thrilled with the notes you have prepared for me, and they were certainly worth waiting for. Not only were you definitely the right person, but I feel that you have also gone above and beyond.”

- Susannah G.

"I just wanted to let you know how immensely pleased I was with the service Elizabeth has provided."

- E. M.

"I have received frank, expert guidance delivered with infinite warmth and professionalism. As such, I would highly recommend Elizabeth Garner and Jericho Writers to anyone in need of in-depth editorial direction with the view of taking their work to the next level."

- Marissa A. B.

"I remain impressed by both the quality and the quantity of Liz's work. Apart from the overall comments, she goes into such great detail, character by character, chapter by chapter, missing nothing. Liz has the capacity to inhabit a novel almost as if she were one of the characters and knows intuitively what extra development is needed. If there's something positive, she'll highlight it; if something needs developing, it won't escape her notice. It's a joy to be able to see so clearly what remains to be done. Liz deals with 'young' writers with great sensitivity and regard for their feelings. She gives praise and encouragement where they are due whilst at the same time leaving nothing that needs to be said, unsaid. She also gives some very helpful reminders relative to the theory of novel-writing, enabling one to see how one's novel, as written to date, corresponds to or departs from this. I shall ask for her again as I have before."

- Carmella A.


Not only is Elizabeth an award-winning novelist and script editor, she also has an extremely keen eye for characterisation and plotting. This is what makes her an incredibly talented editor, that is both thorough and scrupulous in her assessments. Indeed, going above and beyond for her authors is simply how she works. That’s why we can say with confidence that there is rarely a stone left unturned when she focuses on a manuscript. Brimming with astute observations and step-by-step methods for implementation, it is no surprise we get a number of her students returning time and time again for her comprehensive feedback. She is a truly remarkable teacher and editor.


I am passionate about demystifying the writing process and building authors’ confidence along the way.  As both a writer and an editor, I understand that the completion of a first draft is a huge achievement.  I believe that every writer has their own individual voice that deserves to be nurtured.

My experience across both the film and publishing industry has given me a strong understanding of genre, character development  and structure. As such, I work closely with my clients offering them specific, practical guidance that they can apply directly to their manuscript to enable them bring out the full potential of their ideas.

I work across a broad range of genres: literary fiction, thrillers, women’s fiction and memoir.  I am also interested in projects that cross these boundaries and play with the readers’ expectations.

Genres Elizabeth specialises in

Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Crime / Thriller / Action
Plays and screen scripts

Elizabeth's published books

The Ingenious Edgar Jones

The Ingenious Edgar Jones



Lost & Found

Lost & Found

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