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Constance Renfrow

Constance Renfrow - Editor

Constance Renfrow is the former lead editor of the fiercely independent Three Rooms Press in New York.

Here, she edited such titles as Meagan Brothers’s groundbreaking LGBT YA novel Weird Girl and What’s His Name, hailed by Foreword Reviews as “[having] all the makings to become a classic of this generation”; Johanna Drucker’s tremendous debut eco-fiction Downdrift; and Eamon Loingsigh’s eloquent examination of the nineteenth-century Brooklyn Irish, Exile on Bridge Street (Langum Prize Shortlist). She is also a former columnist at DIY MFA, where she offered insight into the book publishing industry.

Her first book, Songs of My Selfie: An Anthology of Millennial Stories was a 2016 IndieFAB Finalist, and her short fiction has been nominated for Pushcart Prizes and the Best of the Net, and most recently won the Porter House Review Prize in 2019. She received her MFA in fiction from Pacific University.


“It’s easy to develop tunnel vision when working on a writing project. Rare is the editor who can not only see a project through the writer’s eyes, but also through the reader’s. Constance has this ability—my work improved so much thanks to her keen and insightful eye. She’s hot sh*t.“

- Michael F.

“Constance is GREAT in every way: responsive, kind, clear, timely, flexible, and so so smart. I am impressed by her skill, smarts, and sensitivity, and would recommend her to anyone, for any reason. Constance is a wonderful editor.“

- Sophie B.

“Constance Renfrow is a hands-on editor in the best sense of the term. She really dove into my manuscript and helped me pinpoint and shore up the scenes that needed clarity. I only hope I have the opportunity to work with her again someday!“

- Meagan B.

"Constance's positive comments moved me to tears."

- Caitlin E.

"Your advice has been just what I was hoping for when I contacted Jericho Writers. It has been invaluable to have your input. I can't wait to start my next draft."

- Rebecca R.

"Thanks so much for all the tips and kind words, Constance. I really think this will be a stronger book because of you."

- Trevor H.


Constance brings a wealth of knowledge across a mix of different genres – perfect for any writer who’d like a US industry opinion on something that doesn’t quite fit into a specific category.


As a writer myself, I know how frustrating it can be when you’ve brought your story as far as you can, and are now just stuck, and as an editor, I love helping authors overcome these moments and discover a new enthusiasm for their project. The best thing a client can say after a manuscript assessment/line edit is, “I have SO many ideas!”

I am known for “going above and beyond” my clients’ expectations, and for my thorough, exacting approach. My goal in every edit (from manuscript assessments to proofreads) is first to provide the author with the tools they need to improve their next draft and their next story and their next, but also to narrow the gap between the story in the author’s mind and the story on the page itself. My goal is help the manuscript draft become the narrative it truly wants to be.

I gravitate toward historical fiction, literary fiction, and YA, but appreciate anything with a compelling, bold idea and an authoritative voice.

Genres Constance specialises in

Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Crime / Thriller / Action
Short Stories & novellas
Young Adult

Constance's published books

Songs of My Selfie

Songs of My Selfie

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