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AgentMatch FAQs

We’ve collated some frequently asked questions below for you.

AgentMatch: What is it and how do I get started?

AgentMatch makes it simple to find agents who love the kind of thing you write. We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need on an agent and made it easy to search. Just choose your search criteria, develop your longlist, then explore each agent in detail. That way, you can build your own shortlist of agents likely to love your work.

We’ve collated some frequently asked questions below for you, but if you have any questions not covered here then get in touch!

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Frequently asked


How do I start searching?

When you first access the AgentMatch search database, we recommend resetting your search (do this even if it’s the first time using the search) by clicking on the red cross labelled “reset this search.” Then you can get started!


Can I search by genre?

Yes, you can! First, click on the red cross labelled “reset this search.” Then click on “select genres,” tick the genre you’re writing in and then “filter using selected genres”. Our advice is to keep it simple. Search your main genre and then read through each profile to see if the agent has expressed an interest in your sub-genres.


Can I select more than one genre?

You can select as many genres as you like. However, when you select multiple genres you limit the number of agent profiles you’ll find in the search results. For example, if you select “historical fiction” and “commercial fiction,” you’re telling the system to only show agents that have selected BOTH genres. If you’re writing a commercial historical fiction novel, with a hint of science fiction, then you can also add “science fiction” into the mix. If you do this though, your search results will reduce further and only show you agents who are actively looking for all three genres. So as we said, keep it simple and work from there.


How do I narrow down my search?

The system has over 1000+ agents so once you’ve selected your genre you can narrow your search down by selecting the agent’s country and client list status. You can narrow the search down even further by using the “keyword search” filter in the menu by typing in a specific keyword that could help identify interested agents. For example “comedy” or “funny” will pick out any profiles that use those words. Be aware though, that the search is character specific, so you may want to try different variations.


Can I save my search?

To save your search results, click on the cloud icon next to “save this search” and enter a label for this search (our advice: genre, US/UK agents, date).


Where are my saved search results?

To access your saved searches, hit the red cross next to “reset this search.” Then click on the arrow next to “My AgentMatch.” Select “saved searches” on the second tab of the control panel and then “run search.”


When I login I can’t see all the agent profiles

In this case, there are a few things to check:

  1. Make sure that you’re logged in correctly to your Jericho Writers membership account.
  2. Are you accessing the right page? The AgentMatch search database can be found here.
  3. If you’re logged in correctly and on the right page, then try resetting the search results by clicking on the red cross labelled “reset this search.”
  4. If a problem persists, then get in touch with Writers Support and we’ll be happy to help.

I found some out of date information

The world of agenting is fast paced, so there will be some occasions where an agent has changed their submission status or genres. If you spot anything then please do get in touch with Writers Support and our team will make the necessary updates.


Can you put me in touch with an agent?

AgentMatch is designed to help you approach an agent with your submission pack. If you’d like to chat with an agent about your manuscript and submission pack directly, then check out our one-to-one service.


I’m worried about my Query Letter

Query letters are notoriously tricky, that’s why our team offer free query letter reviews for members. Check out the service, here.


I’m in the Free Trial, can I have help with my query letter?

We’ve got lots of free resources available on our website to help you prepare your query letter, synopsis, elevator pitch, and non-fiction book proposal. Our free Community also provides a safe space to share query letters and receive honest advice and feedback from your peers. Or sign up to the Jericho Writers membership and receive a full query letter review from the team.


I’m in the Free Trial and want to become a member

That’s fantastic to hear! To get full access to AgentMatch, Membership Resources, Video Courses and regular Events, then join us here.