Welcome to Townhouse!

Welcome to Townhouse!

Welcome Townhouse Members – old and new!

We’ve had a little makeover. So, to help you get to grips with it all, here is a brief introduction to the new and improved Townhouse but, also me, Polly, your designated guardian!

Whether you’re a Free Member or a Premium Member (those who pay a monthly or yearly fee for extra features), Townhouse is your virtual writing community.  It’s a place where we encourage you to discuss ideas, exchange feedback, ask questions and, most importantly, form lifelong friendships with those who share your passion.

To help you do just that, everyone will now be able to access Townhouse via their main Jericho Writers login here. This is because it is now fully integrated with the main dashboard; all members will now have one password and one login to access everything. For many of you, this is the account you will have created to purchase the following services: a membership; a free trial; a writing course; an editorial assessment; a one-to-one session or an event ticket. If you were formerly just a member on Townhouse, panic not! Your login has been transferred over. You’re now what we call a Free Member. All you need to do is reset your password. Any problems with this contact info@jerichowriters.com.  Simples!

Once you’re logged in, you will be taken straight to your dashboard. Here you can fill in your profile and tell us a bit about yourself. We want to know everything, from your genre to your writing goals. This will help others get to know you and be able to support you on your writing journey.

On that note, are you ready to meet likeminded people? Of course you are! From your dashboard you can now post to the newsfeed, join groups and connect with members like you from across the world – either in the same genre, same writing stage or simply facing the same struggles. We really want to make this space as engaging and supportive as possible. That’s what Townhouse is all about.

To start a discussion yourself, simply type in the box in the dashboard and click ‘post’. You’ll see that notifications for replies, friend requests and likes will appear in the bottom of your screen and by this bell here . I myself will be very active on Townhouse, answering any and all queries Premium Members might have, and keeping a keen look out for any promising submissions. My official ‘office hours’ will be 1pm-4pm every Friday on the Premium Member Group.

If being a quiet observer is more your style though, you can also view popular forums, read recent discussions and stay up-to-date with other members, either through your dashboard or clicking ‘Townhouse’ at the top.

Townhouse and its features are completely free – we’ll never ask you to empty your purse for its use.

That being said, we do provide a Premium Membership service. So, if you see any upcoming events, groups or discussions you can’t access, this will be why. Premium Members can access online events, video courses, expert member advice and, our agent database, Agent Match, via the ‘My Jericho’ menu, just as they did before.

Every month, I will be providing Premium Members with exclusive live services, events and discussions based on their needs. You’ll recognise Premium Members on Townhouse by the crown icon next to their profile picture. Admin, like myself, with have a little red shield. You can read all about what is included in a Premium Membership here.

Lastly, while we welcome one and all, we do want this to be a rewarding and harmonious place for everyone. That of course means that a few rules apply. Read them here: Townhouse rules of conduct and Member FAQS.

In the meantime, happy chatting!

Polly x

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  1. “You’ll recognise Premium Members on Townhouse by the blue crown icon next to their profile picture.”
    Hello Polly, I am a Premium Member, and I have a yellow crown icon, not a blue one. Does this matter?
    Kate SF

          1. Hi all! Apologies, that was a typo on my part! Yellow crowns are the correct icon for Premium Members, panic not!! x

      1. Ah – many thanks Polly 😉 appreciate that. Tell me then, what is the secret to keeping your agent relationships happy? Does it involve gifts of chocolates and wine (to the agents, I imagine, mostly)? 🙂

  2. Thanks Polly, can I ask though, how do you get your friends back from the old site, I am now a sad old Billy no mates, apart from the lovely Elsie. How do you find them again? Is there a list anywhere you can click and re-connect please?

    1. Hi Jane! Sadly, the team were not able to transfer your friends lists over. If you head to this page here though https://jerichowriters.com/townhouse/members/ you can search for members. If you remember the names of those you want to connect with, this will of course make things easier. The groups you belonged to will also still exist, so, it might worth popping something on there 🙂 x

  3. I have asked this question a number of time before, with no response. So, I’m going to ask again. The genre I write in is absurd, science fiction humour. I have finished one novel and working on the second. I have also written a number of short humourous pieces along with some poetry and lyrics. Needless to say, the genre of absurd science fiction humour is not a popular genre with agents, in fact it doesn’t exist at all, so I’m looking to self-publish. Is there any one else out there who writes in a similar vein? If so, please respond. I feel like I’m invisible in a world of writers!

  4. Hello Polly,
    Many thanks for resolving my technical issues. When I opened JW in Chrome everything worked just fine. So, with one bound our hero is free – and no longer blocked!
    I look forward to becoming properly involved in JW. I have been skulking in the literary undergrowth since I joined as a premium member in 2018.