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Which literary agent is your perfect match?

Which literary agent is your perfect match?

AgentMatch takeover special 

This week’s newsletter has been written by the team that leads AgentMatch here at Jericho Writers – on the back of having just updated all agent listings across the platform. Below, find out how to make the most of this service, as well as events this week, new video courses and opportunities.  

VIDEO COURSE: Introduction to Self-Publishing (Member exclusive)  

This new, eight-module video course will lead you through the process of considering self-publishing, with downloadable worksheets and a Community group. This is already getting rave reviews, so do check it out! 



This week at Jericho Writers: 

MEMBER EVENTS: Ten Steps to Creating Compelling Characters (Member exclusive) 

We end a brilliant Build Your Book month with Ten Steps to Creating Compelling Characters, taught by Cesca Major tomorrow. Remember, members can also catch up on all events this month on replay using the same link below, and register for November’s webinars too.  


COMMUNITY: Romance group coming soon  

Do you struggle writing sex scenes? Do you want to learn how to build tension between your romantic heroes? Look out for our new free group (coming very soon) to get feedback on your WIP. Plus, keep an eye on our social media feeds this week where we’ll be sharing all our hot tips on writing sex in fiction.




COURSE: Know Your Rights #BookCamp Course  

As an author, you don’t just write books, you are a creator of intellectual property.  This online course by Kate Nash Literary Agency covers everything you need to know and what you should look out for. Exclusive discount available for Jericho Writers members.  


SPOTLIGHT ON: Samar Hammam, Rocking Chair Books 

“I‚Äôd love to receive more humour. I love to laugh! I also find that it can be effective in exposing and coping with horror, like a funny book dealing with climate change.”¬†



SUCCESS STORY: Amanda Berriman – How I Got My Agent  

One of our earliest and dearest clients writes about the importance of never giving up. Amanda is also raising money for her son‚Äôs neuroblastoma treatment and we can’t think of a more worthy fundraiser to include in a newsletter #TeamPeter. ¬†


Finding Your Perfect Agent | Rachael Cooper, Head of Publishing & AgentMatch

Finding an agent is a milestone in any writer’s career. It’s a journey filled with ups and downs: rejections, standard responses, silence, requests, more rejections, and for some, eventually, success. 

With AgentMatch, a database of 1,200+ US and UK agent profiles, our aim is to make that journey just that little bit easier.  

How to use AgentMatch: the basics 

  • Use the search filters (genre, country, submission status, etc) to work through your list of potential agents. You can even save your search for later and come back to it when you‚Äôre ready.¬†
  • Be selective and keep it simple when choosing your genre. If your novel crosses over between genres search your main genre first. Then review each agent profile for interest in your second genre.
  • Make the most of the interviews and bespoke profiles.¬†Read the interviews, follow the interesting links, deep-dive into their social media, familiarise yourself with both their client list and favourite authors.¬†
  • Double-check submission requirements. The world of agents moves quickly, so always check submission requirements on the agency‚Äôs website before sending in your work.¬†

Why research? 

Typically, an agent receives over 30 submissions a day (and that’s on a slow day!), so ask yourself: what would set my query apart from the rest? 

The key to making a great query letter is to make it unique for each agent. Use the research we’ve collated and the information from our interviews to tailor your letter. Show that you take the representation of your work seriously by researching each agent fully. (And don’t forget to include some comparable titles too – it shows you know the market and you know exactly where your book should sit). 

How do you know if you’re a perfect match? 

As well as using AgentMatch to find an agent that is interested in your work, you need to see if this is an agent that you could work with.  

The agent-author relationship is one of the most important relationships for any author. You need to find someone you can work alongside and feel comfortable exchanging ideas with. So, do your research:  

  • Do they represent books and authors you look up to?¬†
  • Is their client list too similar to your work? ‚Äج†
  • Do they have a good reputation?‚Äج†
  • Book in a 1-2-1 and pitch your book directly to an agent; what was their feedback? ¬†

The list goes on, but most of all, you’re looking for an agent that you can see yourself working alongside Рsomeone who can support you when you need reassurance and challenge you when they think your work needs improvement.  

Spotlight On 

We make it our mission to get to know agents so that we can help you decide if this is someone you’d want representing you. In our Spotlight On features, we sit down with agents to ask them the questions you need to know. So, sit back, make yourself a cup of tea and get stuck in. 

Oh, and if there’s a question you’re dying to ask or an agent you’d love to see an interview with, get in touch by replying to this or leave a note on Community and give us your wish list of agents and we’ll see who we can sit down with. 

As I said, finding an agent is one of the most challenging steps an author will face. So, gauge the responses you receive and if after submitting to, say, 12 Р15 agents you haven’t received a request for your full manuscript, then take another look at your submission pack. Ask someone to beta read your chapters and give them specific points you’d like feedback on: what did you think of the main character? How did you find a particular scene? Did it move quickly enough for you? Did you want to read on? 

Or better yet, try and book in a 1-2-1 with an agent of your choice and get live feedback before you start sending your submission out for real.  

Above all, if you are querying agents and in the middle of an inbox full of standard responses, rejections, or just plain silence, don’t forget that you write because you love to write.  

You’ve got this. And if you need a hand, then you’ve got us to help. 


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P.S. Coming soon to an AgentMatch near you… 

Canadian and Australian agencies. Yes, that’s right, you heard it here first. The team are currently hard at work: lost in researching, building profiles, and booking interviews with Canadian and Australian agents. Plus, some BIG announcements for 2022. 

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