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In Conversation With Unbound Publishing

In Conversation With Unbound Publishing

YA author and Jericho Writers’ team member, Sarah Juckes, sits down with Matthew Clayton, Head of Publishing at Unbound, to talk all things publishing. Unbound is a brand-new kind of publisher. They use crowdfunding to fund their books, and their titles are published on the back of pledges given to authors. To date, their community has pledged over £3 million to projects and that’s in just 5 years. Mathew heads up the commissioning department of Unbound and sometimes appears on their podcast, Backlisted. In this interview, Matthew and Sarah discuss exactly how their publishing model works, and what that means for authors. Mathew talks us through how the submission process works, and how discerning they are with those submissions. He also chats about some of Unbound’s biggest successes, and shares tips on what authors should be doing to get noticed when they submit to Unbound.
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