Hi to all, I’m Karen Menuhin, first time writer, nervous as hell and into self-publishing. My first book, Blue Dawn is on Amazon, but currently on the back burner as it’s too raw for any sort of push. I’m just trying to get the hang of it all.

Blue Dawn is in for a professional edit courtesy of the fine services provided by this site – long may they flourish!

My reading consists of how to self-publish and format ebooks, but I’m trying to kick that habit and return to fiction – I love the Sharpe series, Sansom and most things historical, especially if there are murders involved. Between novels I like real life books, ‘Flying Fury’ by James McCudden is sitting on my bedside table – I haven’t finished it because it’s too real and ultimately too tragic.

ps I tick the little box asking to be notified about replies but so far it’s consistently failed or the emails are out there orbiting Mars somewhere. So if I fail to follow up – it’s the system….~()~