I think genre – these days anyway – can be a bit loose and overlapping as there’s just such a diversity of works out there. The only two things I can remember are that if you’re trying to stop something happening now or in the near future then it’s a thriller. And if you’re trying to figure out what’s happened in the past then it’s a mystery.
So, at least, I know I’m writing a mystery. And I know it’s a murder mystery because there’s a corpse in the middle of it. But it’s also set against an important backdrop of espionage, so a spy murder mystery. But the protagonist has quite a multiple personality issue, so is that psychological? Or more psychiatrical? And what about the allusions of Greek mythology? Where does that sit in the genre straight-jacket?
Maybe genres need to be more like wine labels.
‘A fruity little mystery with a gentle nose of murder, set against a pleasing bouquet of espionage. The nutty textures of psychological disorder sit well on the palate and serve to accentuate hints of ancient Greece.’
Reckon I’ve nailed it.