Giselle D

-I will bring a raincoat because I’ve been twice and it’s rained twice. Also a lemon to detox on Saturday morning (drinking during the gala dinner on Friday? Me???). Comfy shoes because I walk a lot (including from the train station to campus), and a billion pens. And a new notebook.
-I don’t bring my laptop, but one woman did and found it quite useful when an agent asked for her MS during the dinner – she went back to her room and sent it. She and the agent spoke about the MS the next day.
-For fellow overseas visitors an adaptor for the plugs, otherwise you’ll never be able to charge your phone. You can always buy one in the campus store if it’s open, or at King’s Cross train station.
-For those who don’t know York, it’s a gorgeous town, and I always try to give myself some time for tourism. The first year I walked the walls and visited the old town, the second year I visited the gardens and the history museum (they had an exhibit on Vikings in York that I got so involved in that I almost missed the first session).
-Travel tip for Friday: if you upgrade to first class on Virgin Trains you get a free meal which offests the additional cost while offering a more comfortable ride.
There, those are my tips. ;-)