Giselle D

Well, you can be “internally grateful” as well. ;-)

I think you can make this section stronger, without the “infodump” of explaining the situation to your reader. Also some nitpicking: he sees she’s beautiful as she’s still relatively out of focus, and he knows the her skin is peach-soft without touching it. You could rewrite it a tiny bit to sort all that out, along the lines of:

A hazy face slowly slipped into focus, a lovely face with large, copper-coloured eyes, curved lips, and what could only be peach-soft skin framed by chestnut hair that caressed his forehead as she bent over him.
‘Hello beautiful,’ Blue murmured.
‘You’re Blue Munro aren’t you?’ the apparition whispered in German. ‘I can tell by your eyes.’
The mission-brief’s code.
‘Not when I’m looking at you.’ His cold blue eyes warmed as he gave his fellow agent the programmed answer.

Just a thought, to mull over, adopt or ignore.