Hi everyone. It’s so good to see you’ve found a friendly haven here in the Townhouse! I really hope this gives you the platform you need to share your doubts and talk about your characters. I myself miss the writers group I attended before moving to Oxford, and where I discovered that you can talk about the most effective length of a first line, for hours (given a nice glass of wine), and without anyone around getting bored. You’ve got to meet the right people, and I believe the Townhouse is packed full of them.
So yes, an instant chat and support group with relevant functionalities is definitely something we want to add. It will probably not be via WhatsApp or FB, though. I’ talk to the team about this. I’ll let you know.
Regarding query letters, don’t forget that if you’re a member, you can send yours to info@jerichowriters.com for feedback. We’ll also create a forum about this soon, where writers will post their query letter, where we’ll post our feedback, and where other members will comment. That way there would be something to learn for everyone.
Have a lovely day!