Morning Anyone
Carole, I’d love to chat with you about how you’re getting on with the cover letter. Have you had advice on here about content and length and so forth? I’ve been to a few seminars on this and also did a creative writing course at Oxford Continuing Education where that was one of the assignments, so I have a fair idea of the basics of what needs to go in there. Also the agent who almost but didn’t offer me representation (due to impending retirement!) did give me feedback on my covering letter. I’d be happy to read and feedback. I don’t have any insights on the American pitch letter which I think is slightly different and might need to include your thoughts on marketing and positioning.

I’ve emailed [email protected] Writers this morning to ask them if they’d be willing to open a Jericho Writers WhatsApp to go alongside these forums for instant chat and support with whoever would like to have that available when they are writing. Hannah (above) suggested WhatsApp rather than FB Messenger for this purpose. It would work for us a bit like Twitter only it would be for this community and Jericho Writers could be the admin, so they’d have to add people who wanted to be part of that.

Hope everyone has a good day :-) xx