I submitted to 12 literary agents late last year (I now know that my MS wasn’t actually ready – but that’s another story). I found the whole process utterly awful. Demoralising. Hurtful. Embarrassing. Stressful (constantly checking emails – pointless – I now know – since many didn’t even reply). It was like having my firstborn child criticised in public. I had to get a grip!

I focused on the few kind replies – and yes! – a couple even asked for the full MS.

I told myself it wasn’t personal (as Jean puts it so well, above).

I did what I should have done months earlier and engaged a small group of beta readers (another thread?) – which quickly desensitised me to semi-public scrutiny and helped me grow a thicker skin.

I’ve now ordered an Agent Submission Pack Review from JW to make sure my letter, synopsis and early chapters are the best they can be – and I’m going to try again soon. The chances of being picked up by an agent may be small – but they’re zero if my work stays on my laptop ;)

Good luck to everybody going through this process. We need it!