Reference the above exercise. Here was my result. I didn’t over-think it but it really helped me because it made me realise that the essence of my book is the love story between these two – in spite of the strong Great War element and other relationships ;)

100 words
Suffragette Charlotte’s life is changed forever when she meets Major Caleb North in the summer of 1913. The looming shadow of war in Europe pulls them apart and Charlotte seeks happiness elsewhere. This love, too, is doomed and Charlotte, almost broken with grief, embarks on a dangerous mission in occupied France, supported by the courage and tenacity of local midwife Constance. Charlotte and Caleb are reunited but their time together is short as duty once more separates them. Turning her back on safety, Charlotte enters a desperate race against time to save the man she now knows to be her true love.

50 words
A suffragette and a soldier find unexpected happiness together only to be torn apart by war. Battered by grief but supported by the courage and tenacity of other women, the suffragette undertakes a dangerous mission for her country. Briefly reunited with her lover she enters a desperate race against time to save his life.

20 words
Two unlikely lovers are torn apart by war. Only her courage and determination in the face of tragedy will reunite them.