Hi Michael
I’ve read several books recently, including “The Girl on the Train” which have several first person narrators. I won’t give out any spoilers in relation to that book as to whether they all make it but in other comparable books some first person narrators’ chapters end with lines like “Then everything went black.” I did wonder whether I had an issue with this while reading these chapters as one usually assumes a first person narrator survives to the end. I was addicted to the Len Deighton trilogies narrated by Bernie Samson – but, whatever scrapes he got into, I was reassured that he would survive as he was telling me all about it as the narrator. Nevertheless if you’re instinct is to make it first person, I don’t think it’s a serious barrier and the urge to turn the page and find out what happens next is the key thing. I agree with your concern that narrating some chapters in third person might give a clue that those characters won’t make it – unless you do something like restrict first person to two key characters and have third person for all other POVs…