I’m coming too now! Yay seeing people and having a motivation to keep going over the summer. @emma and @Debi, I’ll join the queue(s) to say hello. Signed up for your self-editing mini-course.
I didn’t think it would make the family budget, but my husband happened to be feeling guilty about being away on my birthday when I mentioned there were one and a half hours to go before the early bird offer expired. (@Paul has someone persuaded you yet?) The panic trying to fill out that form before the deadline and choose all my sessions.
Have gone for agent sessions rather than book doctor, so I can ask them, what is putting them off as a fraternity from my masterpiece and if the second novel I’m writing looks better suited for the market.
Love @sarah‘s idea for a JW meet up and of course, @gisdelsol‘s about an extra one-on-one, although it was stressful enough choosing two.