Hi Hannah. Kiss of Death is written in first person from both male and female perspectives. Part 1, by Julia, Part 2 by Michael (the detective) and Part 3 alternates between them as they get more involved. I used to bean actor so I just tried to imagine “being” her as much as possible. It started out as a spec screenplay and while I enjoyed the way the plot unfolded, I was conscious her character was a bit thin and I was just putting her into situations, whereas having to write as her in the first person has been far more challenging, and my first drafts were very stripped bare – which drew some comments from early readers, so I’ve tried to revisit and flesh out areas – giving her more of an interest in what people are wearing than I have, for instance! I wrote to six agents in my first round and then re-wrote the book, taking it from 60,000 words (very short indeed) to 72,000 words (still short) – and the word count in the opening paragraph of my letter might be just the reason some agents might feel my book isn’t marketable – most books being in the 80,000 to 130,000 range. But I don’t want to add to it for the sake of a word count and feel it works well as a slim, quick read, perhaps something you could take with you in your hand luggage on a short break! Since re-write I’ve tried another 15 or so with no joy yet, but I’m not giving up and when I’ve finished 50:50 I’ll try with that too!