Wowzers, that’s intriguing!
‘The only suspect is murdered’ is intriguing because of what it doesn’t say: there is now a new suspect to find.
How clever to use the Bible and hell juxtaposed like that!
From what I’ve heard from the training video, yours is the right level of overview. I’m a complete novice though, so I hope someone else will post feedback too :)

I’m struggling to get mine to be as succinct as I think it should be:

A woman’s marriage is crumbling under the weight of the unresolved grief of miscarriage and suspicions of her husband’s infidelity. She confronts her husband, but things aren’t as she thought. Perspectives change when the family relocate and meet their daughter’s new friend, sole carer for her disabled mother, and who faces a heart-breaking and parentless future.

What thinkest thou?