I’m Hannah and I write historical fiction based on the Great War (WW1 if you live outside the UK ;)

I took early retirement from the NHS last year so I could fulfil my lifetime ambition to write. (Although I did manage to write a 170,000 word first draft of my first book whilst still working full-time as a midwife – absolutely no idea now how I did it!). I’m not yet published but I’m working damn hard on it; I have a lot of time to make up. Presently preparing to submit my first story and revising a second (and planning a third in my head).

Reading? I’m juggling several books at the moment. Mainly Great War research including Lyn MacDonald’s “Roses of No Man’s Land” and a memoir by Herbert Asquith (son of the PM) “Gunner on the Western Front”. I’m pretty geeky. Plus “The King’s General” by Daphne DuMaurier.

Best book(s) of all time? Probably the historical fiction of Brenda Jagger. Written in the 1980s; long, satisfying, well-researched, beautifully-written sagas of strong women in late 19th/early 20th century. My favourite is probably “Winter’s Child” which contains one of the best – understated yet erotic – love scenes I’ve read anywhere (and I’ve read a few!)