Hi Hannah
So good to hear from you! Yes, I hoped the forums would facilitate that, and hopefully we can make it happen. :-) I understand your situation completely, I love the solitary existence of writing as well but do hanker after talking about my story. If this comes up as a reply on here, then that will be great because we might be able to begin to use it as a general chat area, although the website is slow, so spontaneous replies could be difficult. I have just managed to complete a first draft – which will be dreadful and will get rewritten in the future – of the first three chapters of my new WIP. I’m pleased with that but about to go out for a meal with a friend with whom I can’t ever talk about writing, she just says ‘that all sounds very clever’ to anything I try, so I don’t bother! So – I do hope we’ve found a way to talk manuscripts :-)
I also ‘followed’ and ‘friend requested’ about fifty people today without checking out any profiles, because it’s too slow, just the fifty most recent joinees. Wasn’t sure how else to get in contact with members!
Marilyn x