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  • Posted by Clarissa Wright on 9 February 2024 at 15:41

    I was late to submit my elevator pitch and have not been able to find where to post it so I hope here’s okay. I appreciate any feedback on my novel’s elevator pitch below from anyone whether it’s the first shorter version or the longer second part below:

    Executive summary: Civilisations divided between the Moon and Earth, what compelled Obar and Anela to save eachother from their own world?

    Whether friends they find on foot are of “skin and spear” or “skin and machine”, they all discover what unites them… just as war begins between humanity’s divisions in the year 3700.

    Elevator pitch: Obar must understand why he was awoken into a forbidden world of machine, watching his home Earth out of a window. Who are these tall creatures, and why are they keeping him from his desert fortress home?

    For any hope to return to the ways of his people, like his worshipped ancient ancestors, he must gain the trust of his medical overseer, Anela. With a computerised device on her forehead, is she more machine than human? Even she would like to find out.

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