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  • Links to Dashboard not working

    Posted by Natàlia Prats on 27 January 2024 at 10:38

    Hi, my button to the dashboard stopped working yesterday. It only returns an error message saying the page doesn’t exist. Same if I try the link in the My Jericho menu. I’ve sent a message through the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page because since I can’t access the page with all the forums I couldn’t find the IT helpdesk. I’ve only found it just now by chance while looking for a thread through someone else’s list of started threads.

    Everything else seems to be working fine, but I find this very limiting since it makes my access to the forums really difficult.

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       Natàlia Prats. Reason: Checked again, the error message says page doesn't exist
    Katie Day replied 3 weeks, 4 days ago 5 Members · 6 Replies
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  • Kate Sheehan-Finn

    27 January 2024 at 11:20

    Hi Natalia. My dashboard is not available either. Tried to log in this morning, and even though I am logged in, I get an error message too, and I cannot see my dashboard. Hope the IT people can solve this glitch. It is a nuisance and makes it more difficult to navigate the whole site. Kate

    • Natàlia Prats

      27 January 2024 at 13:32

      Hi Kate,

      I was wondering if other people would be having the same problem. It certainly makes things more difficult. I am managing the way I mentioned above plus with my navigator’s history, but there’s a number of places I can’t access now until it’s fixed.

  • Jill Rowlinson

    27 January 2024 at 20:03

    Yes, me too.

  • Howard Aiken

    28 January 2024 at 21:41

    Same here. I took a screenshot of the error message (attached)

  • Katie Day

    29 January 2024 at 09:40

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for letting us know. We’re aware of this issue and we’re working hard to fix it. We appreciate your patience whilst we do this. If there’s anything else we can help you with in the meantime please don’t hesitate to let us know. Best place to reach us is to email