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    Posted by Emily White on 25 August 2023 at 08:41

    Hi all!

    I’m reading books within my genre, YA fantasy, and I’m struggling to find suitable comp titles. My current list of books I’m reading is below. While I understand that comp titles don’t need to be a perfect match, I’m hoping to discover options that are more aligned with the ones I’m currently reading, and more appropriate for my purposes.

    My book is set in a different world, resembling medieval Europe. Magic originates from nature, particularly trees, except for necromancy which damages nature. The overall feel of my book is akin to a grittier, slightly more mature version of “The Dragon Prince,” referring to the Netflix series based on early young adult books. Similar to the series, my book is light-hearted and warm-hearted, featuring plenty of humor. The two main characters consist of a timid stable boy and a narcissistic prince reminiscent of Peter from “The Great” by Tony Macnamara. The prince coerces the stable boy into performing tasks under the threat of exposing his forbidden magic.

    I understand that no book will perfectly match mine, but I’m hoping to receive recommendations for recent books from the past 5-6 years that are more closely aligned with my current reading list.

    Current list: I’ve been reading in the genre for a while, but my current list is City of Brass, Pheonix flame, spooks series and children of blood and bone

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