How to find a literary agent

This post tells you exactly how to use AgentMatch and suggests some strategies for how best to use it.

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AgentMatch is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use literary agent search engine you’re likely to come across. Gone are the days where you need to buy a book to find small listings of literary agents – AgentMatch is online, searchable by keywords and packed with all the information you need to tailor your submission.

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The secret to getting an agent

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How to filter for agents

Once upon a time, finding a literary agent was haphazard. Yes, you could get a list of names and addresses, but how to find the agent appropriate to you and your project?

AgentMatch helps you filter not just by genre, or name of agent but by experience, hunger for clients, authors represented, and much more besides.

Every time you adjust the settings in the search boxes, you’ll get an instant update of all the agents who meet the criteria you’ve set. If there are too many agents on the list, you can narrow your search. Too few and you can expand it.

It’s not just literary agents you can search in this way. We’ve also got search tools for every literary agency in the UK, and search tools for every significant publisher, too. So if you decide your project is more suited to direct submission to publishers, you can generate a list of the kind of publishers appropriate to you and your work.

Researching your agents

It’s not enough to get a list of agents. You want useful information about that agent as well as links to key info from around the web. So we’ve created that.

We offer short bios of every agent. We’ve sourced photos, contact info, client list status, total number of clients as well as a list of those clients themselves, information about authors and books liked by the agent, advice to writers, key links, Twitter handles, and more besides.

We’ve had a positive response from agents across the board: this is something they want as much as you. It means they can make sure their slushpile contains more of what they want, less of what they don’t.

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The secret to getting an agent

Free submission pack template