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Your Writing Mentor Marcus Sedgwick

Get expert advice from award-winning author, creative writing teacher and former UK Sales Manager for Walker Books, Marcus Sedgwick.


Marcus Sedgwick is a writer of around 50 books across all areas of publishing. Perhaps best known for his award-winning novels for younger people, such as ‘Midwinterblood’, which won the Michael L. Printz Award, he has also published adult novels, non-fiction, academic papers and picture books. His books have been published in over 30 countries.

Marcus was Author in Residence at Bath Spa University for three years, works regularly at Arvon and Ty Newydd teaching creative writing, and has reviewed books and written articles for various national newspapers such as The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Guardian, and magazines, such as Tatler. He has judged numerous books awards, including the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize and the Costa Book Awards.

Before he made the switch to write full time, Marcus worked in publishing, most recently as the UK Sales Manager for Walker Books.

Specialises in: Nearly all fiction genres including, literary fiction, contemporary fiction, crime/thriller/action, science fiction, fantasy, comic/satire, paranormal, historical fiction, short stories/novellas. He also works with subject-led non-fiction, picture books, children’s books and young adult. 

Marcus provides tuition for our Mentoring Service.

Why we love Marcus

Marcus is not only an award-winning author and an experienced creative writing teacher across nearly all genres of fiction and some non-fiction, but also has experience working in the publishing industry. His inside knowledge will lend an expert hand to your writing needs.

What Marcus says about Mentoring

I’ve never met two writers who work exactly the same way, and I see it as my job to help the writers I am mentoring to explore their own, individual best routes to success. That being said, I see part of my role as suggesting possible alternative strategies to the ways a writer has been working, especially in cases where problems are being encountered. I think this is important because not only are no two writers the same, no two books by any one author are the same either, so flexibility is a vital skill for writer and mentee alike. 

I tend to use a mixture of logical and more opaque techniques when working on a manuscript with another writer: sometimes what is needed is some clear technical work: for example, is the structure right? At other times, issues may be found on more mysterious levels to do with deep motivations, psychological blocks and fears. It’s my job to work out, with the writer, what is the best way forward, and then help provide strategies. 

I’m direct, but always gentle in the way I work; I put my ego aside and try to imagine myself into the writer’s manuscript. I love it when the writer feels they have taken another step forward in the book’s journey, no matter whether that is near the end, or the very beginning. 


Marcus has been a valued mentor. He is an attentive and thoughtful reader, perceptive and insightful, whilst providing feedback with just the right level of challenge. As an award-winning author he has all the knowledge required to foster and encourage new talent.

Dr Wendy-Jane Walton

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