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One-to-One Sessions with Agents and Book Doctors

Get personal feedback on your work from leading literary agents and book doctors.

One-to-One Sessions

Speak directly with literary agents and book doctors from around the world and get one-on-one, constructive feedback on your work over the phone.

Get valuable, personal feedback on your writing with a fifteen-minute one-to-one phone session with the expert of your choice. Choose from a one-to-one with a literary agent for professional advice on the marketability of your book, or to test the water if you’re interested in submitting to them. Alternatively, book an appointment with a book doctor for incisive, critical advice on your manuscript.

One-to-One Sessions at a glance

Agents and Book Doctors:
You’ll have the opportunity to speak with agents and book doctors from both the UK and US. We work with over eighty experienced industry professionals, who specialise in a range of genres covering fiction and non-fiction.

What you get:
You’ll receive personal feedback from an agent or book doctor of your choice covering your query letter, synopsis and the first 5,000 words of your manuscript. Your chosen agent will call you at the time and date arranged to give you your feedback.

Need help with your submission?
Our Writer Support Team are here to help. Get in touch if you have any questions.

Why Choose Us?

We’re an industry-leading literary consultancy with eighteen years’ experience working with agents and editors. During that time we’ve built up an impressive network of top literary agents and book doctors – which is still growing. Sessions are offered throughout the year and are now released on the first Monday of every month. We aim to cater to a variety of genres, through non-fiction and fiction. Remember that we’re here to answer any questions you may have from the initial purchase, to the final agent phone call.

How Does it Work?

Your one-to-one starts with you purchasing a session. You will then be sent an email with a link to select your preferred agent. You’ll be prompted to upload your query letter, a short synopsis, and the first 5,000 words of your manuscript, no later than a week before your booked time slot. Your chosen expert will call you (on the phone) at the time and date selected.  All times are in BST times, so, please bear this in mind when booking.

This is an invaluable and unique opportunity to see your manuscript from an agent’s or book doctor’s point-of-view, and to receive critical feedback from those in the industry.

Please note: We take no responsibility for the advice given through our one-to-one service.

Join a worldwide community of writers

My 15 minute call with Laura Williams was incredibly helpful and positive, and one of the most useful 15 minutes I think I’ve ever had. We managed to discuss and resolve a lot of issues in the time. Thanks to the entire team.

John C

Quotation Mark Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark Quotation Mark

Our Agents and Book Doctors

Find out more about our agents and book doctors below

Megan Carroll

Watson, Little

Megan is looking for writers in a variety of areas and from a variety of backgrounds. In Fiction, Megan is keen to see high-concept speculative fiction (particularly high-concept love stories) for both commercial and reading group/crossover readers.

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Therese Coen Agent Book Dr 121 profile

Therese Coen

Hardman & Swainson

In terms of adult fiction, Therese loves historical. She is looking for more international historical stories ranging from the Renaissance era to the 20th Century.

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Clare Coombes

The Liverpool Literary Agency

With more than 15 years’ experience of writing professionally, Clare has developed an in-depth knowledge of what commissioning editors and publishers expect to see from a submitted manuscript.

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Julie Crisp

Crisp Agency

As an agent, Julie is actively looking to build her list and she’s looking for historical fiction, crime/thrillers, bookclub fiction and science fiction and fantasy.

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Meg Davis

Ki Agency

Meg is the founder of the Ki Literary Agency and currently Chair of the Writers’ Organisations Advisory Group. She is also serving a third term on the committee of the Association of Authors’ Agents. Meg is happy to consider manuscripts in all genres, and books in genre fi…

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Liza DeBlock

Mushens Entertainment

Liza is looking for women’s fiction, historical, crime & thriller, and commercial fantasy.

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Nicole Etherington Agent Book Dr 121 profile

Nicole Etherington

Hardman & Swainson

Nicole’s tastes lean towards the literary and bookclub fiction. Nicole loves stories set in isolated places and drawn to issues driven contemporary fiction that explores nuanced relationships or darker topics.

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Ciara Finan

Madeleine Milburn

Ciara is drawn to books that have a decisive voice, an unexpected story, or can subvert and reconstruct the conventional narratives of love, friendship, family, loss and coming-of-age. She is intrigued by new takes on mythology, magical realism, and fantasy.

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Meredith Ford

C&W Agency

Meredith is initially accepting submissions in the genres of YA, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and speculative fiction (and any combination thereof). As her list grows, she hopes to expand into literary and book-club fiction.

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Katie Greenstreet

C & W

Katie is most interested in reading upmarket commercial fiction right now, particularly family novels, thrillers, campus novels, historial fiction and coming-of-age stories.

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Samar Hammam

Rocking Chair Books

Samar is on the lookout for original and page-turning books across all genres. She wants books that have a twist, but work for a wide audience.

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Viola Hayden

Curtis Brown

Viola is keen on novels that reflect the complexities of the female experience. She loves crime and suspense novels and historical fiction. Viola’s non-fiction interests are equally broad. She likes books that challenge and revolutionise the way we see ourselves.

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Jennifer Herrington

Harvey Klinger

Jennifer is interested in representing picture books, chapter books, middle grade, YA, and adult fiction.

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Jenny Hewson

Lutyens Rubinstein

On the fiction side, Jenny handles literary, historical & book club fiction. In terms of non fiction she is interested in memoir, nature writing, environmental issues, books by academics and experts of all kinds who explain how the world works, and narrative nonfiction, particula…

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Millie Hoskins

United Agents

Millie Hoskins joined United Agents in 2014 and has been building her list for the last three years, whilst continuing to work with some of the agency’s long-standing clients, like Quentin Blake, Philip Pullman and JP Delaney.

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Yasmin Kane

Kane Literary Agency

Yasmin would love to see MG, YA, fiction and nonfiction. With regard to the latter it would have to be a book proposal and not just sample chapters. No picture books and no poetry – although she loves it, she doesn’t rep poetry.

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Eli Keren

United Agents

Eli Keren is looking for all kinds of books in both adult fiction and non-fiction. In non-fiction, he is particularly interested in smart and engaging popular science. In fiction, he is happy to look at commercial, literary and anything in between across genres.

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Annakarin Klerfalk

Intersaga Literary Agency

The book projects that really speak to Anna are the ones with complicated life stories, across all genres. She is looking for literary fiction, commercial fiction, bookclub fiction, dark crime novels, and YA and teen fiction. She also represents a range of non-fiction but is draw…

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Charlotte Merritt

Andrew Nurnberg Associates

Charlotte is only looking for non-fiction authors writing in; history, politics, psychology and current affairs. She is particularly interested in books that change the way we think, shine a fresh light on the past or offer a window into the future.

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Imogen Morrell

Greene & Heaton

Imogen is looking for immersive, brilliantly plotted upmarket and literary fiction with a twist. In non-fiction, she’s looking for proposals that find unexpected ways to talk about interesting things.

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Lucy Morris

Curtis Brown

Lucy is actively building a list of commercial and reading group fiction, narrative non-fiction and memoir.

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Justin Nash

Kate Nash Literary Agency

Justin is looking for thrillers and crime fiction of all types; book club fiction that moves him and makes him think; great historical fiction (including novels featuring fantasy/mythology).

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Imogen Pelham

Marjacq Scripts

Imogen represents non-fiction, literary fiction and some standout commercial fiction (particularly thrillers, historical and women’s fiction – no SFF or YA).

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Anne Perry Agent Book Dr 121 profile

Anne Perry

Ki Agency

Anne is happy to accept fiction submissions in all genres. In non-fiction, she is looking for popular science, natural history, popular history and memoirs.

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Juliet Pickering Agent Book Dr 121 profile

Juliet Pickering

Blake Friedman

Juliet’s likes contemporary stories, led by themes of identity, coming-of-age, class, gender and sexuality. Alongside literary, book club and commercial fiction, Juliet represents various types of non-fiction.

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Deirdre Power

Curtis Brown

After a year with Curtis Brown, Deirdre will be working with the editorial team in Simon & Schuster’s children’s division. Deirdre’s expertise is in children’s literature which she has a masters in, and she will read any age group from picture book to YA, and any genre.

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Florence Rees Agent Book Dr 121 profile

Florence Rees

AM Heath

Florence works at AM Heath and is keen to find non-fiction writers who speak to a younger, millennial audience – whether that’s a journalist who is looking to expand an idea, or perhaps an activist with a social media platform.

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Marilia Savvides


Marilia is looking for the following genres; High-concept thrillers; crime; dystopia; very accessible science-fiction, accessible horror and Book Club reads in the style of Liane Moriarty, Jodi Picoult and Celeste Ng.

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Hannah Schofield

LBA Books

Hannah would love to see romantic comedies, women’s fiction, female-led thrillers, and bookclub fiction. She’s also on the lookout for YA crossover projects!

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Hannah Sheppard

DHH Literary

Hannah represents authors across middle grade, teen and YA fiction as well as commercial adult fiction (mostly women’s romance/psychological and more traditional thrillers).

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Hayley Steed

Madeleine Milburn

Hayley is actively looking for commercial and book-club fiction across all genres including contemporary women’s fiction; uplifting love stories; upmarket general fiction; high concept novels; thrillers; speculative fiction; horror; feminist reads; magical realism and cross-gen…

Read More…

Laura Williams

Greene & Heaton

Laura is looking for literary and commercial fiction, from voice-led literary novels to love stories to domestic family dramas to psychological thrillers. She loves meditative novels, dark stories and historical fiction. In non-fiction, she wants narrative non-fiction of all kind…

Read More…

Alice Williams

Alice represents children’s books for over ten years at David Higham Associates. She’s especially keen to consider playful, funny books for all ages, and is on the lookout for heart-warming, exciting and empowering stories, whether in a realistic

Read More…

Jo Williamson

Antony Harwood

Jo is particularly keen to grow her adult list. She currently represents women’s fiction and psyche thrillers, though is open to genres. Jo represents across all ages in children’s publishing from picture books to YA.

Read More…

How to Book Your One-to-One

1. Create a shortlist

When you buy your one-to-one, you’ll be directed to a booking form which contains up-to-date information on which agents and book doctors are available and when.

We recommend you create a shortlist of three to four agents or book doctors before you purchase, so you can snap up your choice as soon as you see them.

If you’re a Jericho Writers member, you can use our AgentMatch database to help you find the best for your particular manuscript – this has a record of all our agents in the UK and US.

2. Tips on Choosing Your Agent

Handing over your manuscript can be a nerve-wracking process. So here are a few tips on how to ensure the whole thing goes smoothly:

– Take note of when the agent is available – especially if you have a holiday booked.

– Think whether you prefer a particular time of day. All times will be listed in BST and take place via phone call.

– Be sure to do your research.  Certain agents only represent certain genres. Take time to look at the profiles listed on this page, the agents’ websites or  AgentMatch, to make sure you get the most relevant for your writing.

– Finally, please note that one-to-one sessions are subject to change due to illness and timetabling changes. If your session is moved, we’ll endeavour to give you as much advance warning as possible and arrange an alternative time or suitable person for your genre. Funnily enough, such changes in the past have ended up in offers of representation!

3. How to Submit

To get started, buy a one-to-one session here. Then, you’ll be directed to book with your chosen agent or book doctor.

(We can arrange international calls, so don’t worry if you choose an agent in a different country.)

Once you’ve found your ideal agent, upload three documents for your agent or book doctor to review.

These are your query letter, a one or one-and-a-half page synopsis, and the first 5,000 words of your manuscript. Please upload these in three separate Word or PDF documents.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure you upload your documents at least a week before your call, and that you’ve got everything right.

Once it’s uploaded it can’t be changed! Our Writer Support Team may also call you a day or two before, just to ensure we have the correct details.

Your chosen agent or book doctor will phone you to go through your work in your booked fifteen-minute session.

One-to-One Sessions

Agent One-to-One Sessions

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