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Publishing. What’ll help you crack it? There’s lots to know, but we’ve covered the bulk of it. Here’s the library corner for publishing insight and news.

How Long Does It Take To Publish A First Book?

19th June 2018/by Sarah Derrick

Author Platform (What It Is and How To Build It)

5th June 2018/by Harry Bingham

What I learned about book publishing as a debut author

14th May 2018/by Jericho Writers

What authors really think of publishers

28th March 2018/by Fiona Bradbury

Second Novel Syndrome (the Disease, the Symptoms, the Cure)

28th March 2018/by Fiona Bradbury

How to Get Your Book Published (a Guide for New Writers)

9th December 2017/by Arnie

How long is a novel, book chapter, or synopsis?

30th November 2017/by Arnie

Austin Macauley, vanity publishing, and our advice on both

30th October 2017/by Arnie

How to get published: know what you want

16th October 2017/by Arnie

Writing and copyright

1st October 2017/by Arnie

6 professional tips for authors meeting publishers

26th September 2017/by Arnie

Competitions at the Festival of Writing

27th August 2017/by Arnie

Big Publishing and Me

22nd August 2017/by Arnie

Social media and social reading

13th August 2017/by Arnie

Can you write a book in 6 weeks? (Yes!)

25th July 2017/by Arnie

Diversity in publishing

22nd July 2017/by Arnie

3 key steps to building your author brand

10th July 2017/by Arnie

Libel Law for Writers and Authors (What You Need to Know)

7th July 2017/by Arnie

Big Publishing and Me 2

3rd July 2017/by Arnie

Future of eBook prices: lessons from apps

29th June 2017/by Arnie

Marketing tips for authors

18th June 2017/by Arnie

J.K. Rowling eats the universe? Or welcome challenge?

17th June 2017/by Arnie

Predictions in book publishing

9th June 2017/by Arnie

Social media for writers

6th June 2017/by Arnie