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Publishing. What’ll help you crack it? There’s lots to know, but we’ve covered the bulk of it. Here’s the library corner for publishing insight and news.

Literary agents: all your questions answered | Jericho Writers

6th April 2019/by Jericho Writers

An Interview with Emma Darwin

3rd April 2019/by Sarah Derrick

Getting rejected by literary agents? Here’s what to do next

3rd April 2019/by Sarah Derrick

When The Agent-Author Relationship Goes Bad by Lesley McDowell

28th February 2019/by Sarah Derrick

Meet the Agent: Mark Gottlieb

8th February 2019/by Sarah Derrick

A letter to myself

4th October 2018/by Harry Bingham

Book Launch Plans 2019

29th September 2018/by Harry Bingham

Why I’m looking forward to the Festival of Writing 2018 by Rebecca Horsfall

18th August 2018/by Sarah Derrick

Tips for attending the Festival of Writing 2018 by Tor Udall

17th August 2018/by Sarah Derrick

What to Expect at the Festival of Writing 2018 by Eve Seymour

13th August 2018/by Jericho Writers

Jericho Writers’ guide to The Festival of Writing 2018

25th July 2018/by Jericho Writers

How Long Does It Take To Publish A First Book?

19th June 2018/by Sarah Derrick

Author Platform (What It Is and How To Build It)

5th June 2018/by Harry Bingham

What I learned about book publishing as a debut author

14th May 2018/by Jericho Writers

Fully-Funded bursary to the Festival of Writing

19th June 2018/by Sarah Juckes

What authors really think of publishers

28th March 2018/by Jericho Writers

Second Novel Syndrome (the Disease, the Symptoms, the Cure)

28th March 2018/by Jericho Writers

How to Get Your Book Published

11th April 2019/by Arnie

How long is a novel, book chapter, or synopsis?

30th November 2017/by Arnie

Austin Macauley, vanity publishing, and our advice on both

30th October 2017/by Arnie

How to get published: know what you want

16th October 2017/by Arnie

Writing and copyright

1st October 2017/by Arnie

6 professional tips for authors meeting publishers

26th September 2017/by Arnie

Competitions at the Festival of Writing

27th August 2017/by Arnie