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Membership Bursary: In Partnership with Simon & Schuster

To celebrate our partnership with Simon & Schuster, we’re offering 12 membership bursaries to under-represented writers.

Membership Bursary

In Partnership with Simon & Schuster

We believe that every writer should have access to the best advice, tools and opportunities to take their writing further, and we’re working to ensure that we do our bit to make that possible.

That’s why we always offer bursary opportunities to under-represented writers where we can.

We’re pleased to be able to offer 12 under-represented writers a bursary to our membership, one of which is provided by Simon & Schuster UK to celebrate our #JerichoWritersOneDay open submission opportunity.

Learn more about this opportunity here.

Apply now for one of the 12 membership bursaries.

How does it work?

If you identify as an under-represented writer, simply fill in the form below to apply for a free membership with us for the year. Just tell us what you think you would gain from becoming a member. All entries will be read and considered. We’ll email all bursary applicants to let them know the outcome of their application in October.

Membership gives you access to all our live online events, over 400 masterclasses, AgentMatch, and more. In December 2021, we are also holding an exclusive open submission day for our under-represented writers with Simon & Schuster UK.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a membership bursary you must be an under-represented writer.

We describe an under-represented writer as one or more of the following:

  • Having a low household income.
  • Being black, Asian or from a minority group.
  • Being disabled.
  • Being a primary carer.
  • Being an ex-offender.
  • Other.

Apply Now

To apply for one of the 12 bursary memberships, simply fill in the form below by September 30, 2021. Successful applicants will hear back in October.

Membership Bursary