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Agent One-to-One Bursary

For low-income authors, an opportunity to speak to a literary agent.

Get feedback from a literary agent with our one-to-one bursary

Thanks to Hannah Schofield from LBA Books, we’re able to offer a free Agent One-to-One Session to seven authors from low-income households.

Agent One-to-One sessions are fifteen-minute phone calls during which your chosen agent will give personalised feedback on your submission pack.

We know how valuable the advice of a literary professional can be, and so we are delighted to be able to extend this opportunity to authors for whom the cost of an Agent One-to-One session would be a barrier.

Applications are now closed.

In an industry that can feel opaque and exclusive, I am delighted to have been able to partner with Jericho Writers to provide free Agent One-to-One calls with publishing professionals to those who would otherwise not be able to access this service due to financial constraints. We should all continue to work towards a fair playing field for all writers, regardless of background or means.”

Hannah Schofield, Literary Agent with LBA Books

Apply Now

Applications are now closed.

Successful applicants will be contacted on Monday 28 August with details of how to claim your One-to-One and a short list of agents we recommend based on your genre. When booking your session, you are welcome to use one of the recommended agents or choose another available agent.

For more information on how an Agent One-to-One session works, please read our FAQs page.

Frequently asked


Am I eligible for this bursary?

This bursary is for low-income authors. If you could benefit from an Agent One-to-One session but find the cost to be a barrier, we encourage you to apply!


Do I need to be a Premium Member to apply for this bursary?

No, you do not need any type of membership with us to apply for this bursary.


Can I receive a free Festival of Writing one-to-one session through this bursary?

No, this bursary is unrelated to the London Festival of Writing. The free sessions offered through this bursary are 15-minute phone calls – for more information, please read our Agent One-to-One FAQs page.


I have already applied for another bursary and/or competition – am I still eligible?

Yes, the only entry requirement for this bursary is that you are a low-income author.


I have multiple projects – can I apply more than once?

Please do not submit multiple entries, as we will only look at one entry per author. If you have multiple projects and are unsure which you would like to submit, we would be happy to offer advice – just contact


I’m not sure which genre to select!

If you can’t find your genre on the list in the application form, or if your project spans multiple genres, please pick the closest match and let us know more information in your summary. The only exception to this is if you are submitting poetry, a screenplay, erotica or a short story collection – due to limited agent availability, we will not be considering works in these genres.