Jericho Fully-Funded Bursary

Fully-Funded bursary to the Festival of Writing

Apply for our fully-funded Festival Bursary, in partnership with literary agents at Marjacq Scripts Ltd.

We’ve teamed up with literary agency Marjacq Scripts Ltd to offer a fully-funded weekend ticket to the Festival of Writing to a talented under-represented writer. Inclusive of travel, accommodation, food, workshops and unique extras, this is a fantastic opportunity for any writer whose opportunities are limited by mental health, disability, identity or social circumstance. There are also some great runner-up prizes for writers who we think show real promise.

Closing date: 23 July 2018

The Jericho Marjacq bursary – what it includes

Inclusive of accommodation, food, two one-to-one sessions, and all workshops and events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – including the Friday Mini-Course and Saturday Gala Dinner.

  • A full travel bursary

To UK residents only. We will organise travel and cover costs on your behalf.

  • An additional one-to-one meeting with a Marjacq literary agent at the Festival

This special thirty-minute one-to-one will be scheduled in advance and is your chance to get personalised feedback on your work from a top literary agent.

Including access to all our video courses, Conversations, AgentMatch, Cinema, Townhouse, Ask Jericho services and more.

Our aim is to give you the support you need to take your writing career to the next level. If you have specific access needs, including the need of a carer, our team will do our best to accommodate them.

Runners-up prizes

Here at Jericho Writers, we believe that all talented writers should have access to the advice and information they need. We are committed to offering support to under-represented writers and will be offering FREE annual memberships to writers who show particular talent during this submissions process.

As we grow, we want to offer as many bursaries and opportunities like this as possible. If you are interested in co-funding a place at an upcoming event for an under-represented writer, get in touch on

Who’s eligible?

This bursary is open to any under-represented writer whose circumstances are limited by mental health, disability, identity or social circumstance – as per the guidelines set out by ACE-funded charity, Creative Future. This includes those who:

  • have a mental health issue
  • have a physical disability
  • have a long-term limiting illness
  • have a learning disability/ASD/ADHD
  • have a sensory impairment
  • have a substance misuse issue
  • are homeless or in temporary accommodation
  • are a survivor of abuse
  • are a care leaver
  • are long term unemployed
  • are a carer
  • are an offender or ex-offender
  • are part of the BMER/Traveller community
  • are part of the LGBTQ+ community
  • are an older person (65+)

Writers should also be:

  • Living in the UK
  • Writing fiction or non-fiction (please note that picture books or screenplays/scripts cannot be used in your submission)

How to apply

Please read the following rules carefully before submitting.

Please send us up to 2,000 words of your current fiction, or non-fiction project, along with a one-page synopsis as a single Word document attachment, to

  • Title the subject of your email: FOW18 Bursary.
  • Please include a short bio in the body of your email (max 300 words).
  • Please only include one attachment, and ensure you save that as your name.
  • Attachments should be Word doc (.doc or .docx) files, or saved as a PDF (.pdf).
  • Please format your extract with double line spaced, 11pt Times New Roman font.
  • Please ensure that the extract is your own work, fiction or non-fiction. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to judge picture books or screenplays/scripts.
  • We recommend that you send the opening 2,000 words of your book and that you check it thoroughly for errors before sending.
  • Please note that we won’t be able to accept multiple entries, or alter entries once they have been sent.
  • All entries must be received before 23 July 2018.
  • Entry is free and the winner(s) will be notified by 1 August 2018.

How entries will be judged

All entries will be judged anonymously, first by the Jericho Writers team, who will create a shortlist of between 10-20. These will be forwarded to Marjacq Scripts Ltd, where Diana Beaumont will choose the overall winner. The winner will be notified by 1 August 2018.

Good luck!

About Marjacq Scripts Ltd

Founded in 1974, Marjacq is an energetic full-service literary agency with a diverse range of writers of both fiction and non-fiction, for adults, young adults and children.

We work closely with our authors at every stage of the process, from editorial guidance and negotiating deals, to long-term career management – including selling their work into as many languages as possible and seeking the best opportunities for adaptation to Film, TV and other media. Marjacq is a member of the Association of Authors’ Agents (AAA).

“Marjacq are delighted to be partnering with Jericho Writers and hope that new voices will be discovered and that the bursary will give writers – whatever their background – the opportunity to develop and and hone their their talents.”

About Jericho Writers

Jericho Writers is a club for writers who want to take their craft and careers to the next level. Founded in 2005 as ‘The Writers’ Workshop’, we’ve helped hundreds of writers to publication.

As well as delivering the Festival of Writing every year, Jericho Writers offers club members free access to expert video courses; agent search engines and pitch sessions; video masterclasses and special features; access to the Townhouse community; and support and advice whenever needed. We also offer high-quality editorial services and tutored courses, open to writers at all stages, from all over the world.

“Jericho Writers are delighted to be partnering with Marjacq Scripts Ltd to offer under-represented writers the opportunities they need to take their writing careers to the next level. Every year, writers leave the Festival of Writing with offers from literary agents that change their lives. We hope this bursary will open this opportunity to brilliant writers from all backgrounds.”

Jericho Writers Bursary