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Where can I find video content on the new website?

Where can I find video content on the new website?

Based on your feedback, we’ve changed how you explore video content within your membership, to make relevant advice to you easier to find.  

All video content is now organised by topic. To access this at any time, simply hover over Member Resources in the top navigation menu, then choose either ‘Writing Resources’ or ‘Publishing Resources’.  

Writing Resources contains advice relevant to writing and editing books, short stories and screenplays – including by genre.  

Publishing Resources contains advice on literary agents, traditional publishers and self-publishing.  

On each topic page, you’ll see all the relevant videos we have in one place, divided into course modules; masterclasses; features; replays and quick-tips.  

You can also find a link to the most recent webinar replays on the Member Events page, under the listing for that event.

You will soon be able to use the search bar in the top navigation menu to find relevant videos by keyword, but meanwhile, you can use this to search for articles on the website.