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Susan Davis

Susan Davis - Editor

Susan Davis is an award-winning short story writer and novelist with over twenty years’ experience as a fiction editor, mentor and tutor.

Her published fiction includes the Y/A trilogy: The Henry Game, Delilah and the Dark Stuff, Mad, Bad and Totally Dangerous – Pengun Books (Corgi).

Writing under the pseudonym Sarah Vincent, she also published a psychological thriller in 2014: The Testament of Vida Tremayne – Three Hares Publishing.

The Gingerbread Wife is an anthology of her slipstream short fiction, a mixture of magic-realism and the traditional ghost story.

Susan’s short fiction has been short-listed for the Asham Award, and won many other prizes. Stories have appeared in magazines such as Mslexia, Raconteur, Momaya Review, Staple, Metropolitan, Chapman, Panurge and appeared in anthologies such as Best New Horror. They have also been broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Aside from her editing work at Jericho Writers, Susan has tutored Arvon Courses, taken part in several mentoring programmes, and acted as a Literary Adviser to West Midlands Arts.

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Susan’s reports are extensive and thorough, and she has a great eye for characterisation.

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I’m passionate about helping other writers because I know from experience how lonely writing can be at times. Also how puzzling when rejection slips pile up. Having changed genres, target audiences (and agents!) more than once, I’m especially keen on helping those writers who are unsure of their direction. Some very talented people fail to secure a deal because they haven’t quite found the genre which plays to their strengths.

Whether clients are beginners or more experienced writers ready to submit I ask how can I help them realise their full potential? I aim to give realistic and honest assessments but also to encourage and inspire. Building confidence is crucial. Learning the craft is important but above all I stress the need to enjoy the process, to keep exploring and experimenting. This is the only way to find one’s unique voice and style.

Favourite topics encompass a wide range of interests, from the paranormal to social realism. Modern Gothic is of special interest to me. I’m keen on first person confessionals and writing that’s hard to pigeonhole.

Genres Susan specialises in

Literary (Including ‘bookclub’)
Crime / Thriller / Action
Short Stories & novellas
Young Adult
Other Narrative Non-fiction

Susan's published books

Mad Bad and Totally Dangerous

Mad Bad and Totally Dangerous

The Testament of Vida Tremayne

The Testament of Vida Tremayne

The Gingerbread Wife: Short Story Collection

The Gingerbread Wife: Short Story Collection


“Thank you for the report, and the obvious time and care you have spent on my text. On first read I can see that it absolutely resonates with my own feelings about it, but I needed to hear a professional say those things!“

Jody C

"I am so pleased with the response Susan provided, both in the detail of the report and the follow-up phone conversation."

Steve M

“Thank you again for your very thorough and insightful report. This was the first time anyone but me had read the draft, and it was eye-opening to see how many of the things that were crystal clear in my mind just didn’t make it into the text!“

Ola I

"I am impressed by the amount of work that you put into the assessment, and can only say that I agree with every point you made... Thank you for showing me so clearly what needs to be done."

Valerie C

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