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Alan Durant

Alan Durant - Editor

Alan has written 100 books for children of all ages – from picture books to young adult thrillers. He writes in many different genres – comedy, mystery, sport, horror, school story to name but a few.

His titles include the award-winning picture books Burger Boy (Andersen Press), Football Fever (Macmillan Children’s Books), Dear Tooth Fairy and Dear Father Christmas (Walker Books), the middle-grade fiction stories Gameboy and Clownfish, and the young adult thriller Blood.

He worked for many years in children’s publishing as an editor and copywriter before becoming a full-time author in 2004. He is a frequent visitor to schools, libraries and festivals around the UK and abroad giving talks and running writing workshop and runs picture book masterclasses for The Guardian and Penguin Random House. His first book received many rejections before eventually being accepted for publication so he knows just how tough this business can be and at least some of what it takes to succeed.


Find Alan on Twitter here: @alan_durant


“I agree with all your issues with the text, although I couldn’t see it all until you pointed it out! Your comments were extremely useful. Thank you for taking the time to write such a considered report.”

- Lucy W.

“Your advice was very, very helpful – plenty of forehead slapping and going “of course!” – which is what you hope for in feedback. Thank you. This is the first time I’ve used a service like this but it won’t be the last. I hope you remain on Jericho’s books.”

- John H.

“Thanks for sending some really good feedback that makes a lot of sense.”

- Andrew N.


Alan’s years of experience in children’s book publishing have honed his ability to identify what makes a story tick and how to craft narratives that children love. He’ll pay close attention to your use of themes and the strength of your characters to help you craft the strongest manuscript possible.


I love writing. It’s my passion and I’ve managed to make a living out of it. But I’m equally passionate about helping others who are not as far along the writing path as I am. You learn a lot about the craft of writing for children when you have written for and about them as long as I have and there is something rather wonderful about being able to pass some of this knowledge and expertise on to aspiring writers who share the passion – whether it’s for picture books, early readers, middle grade or young adult fiction. I’ve published many books about football and several thrillers, but I’m happy to work on any story about any subject if there’s even a spark of passion in it. Then it’s my pleasant task to make that spark catch fire.

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